Diesel or Petrol: Which Rental Car Should I Choose?

Although most people find it hard to differentiate between a petrol and a diesel car, there are some signs which you can use to guide yourself. This difference is very important to know since these two types of cars are built completely different for different kind of fuels. If you accidentally put wrong fuel into the car, it can cause some serious damage which would be very costly to repair. So, it’s better to get familiar with these differences and save yourself the trouble of going to the repair shop and spending a lot of money.

Looking for a Sticker

Looking for a Sticker

Some cars have a sticker on the fuel tank of the car written “diesel” or “petrol” on it respectively. You can get guidance from there. But if its not written there, you can open the fuel cap and there you might find a similar sticker. However, if you don’t find a sticker anywhere you don’t need to worry and just keep reading the article.

Difference in Model

Since this is a problem that has haunted a lot of people, manufacturers have come up with a solution for this problem. They have included the alphabet “D” in diesel cars to differentiate them from petrol cars. This alphabet denotes that this car consumes diesel and thus should not be filled up with petrol.

Nozzle Size

Another difference one can find is the difference in the size of nozzles between petrol and diesel. The size of nozzle for petrol is thin in comparison to diesel. This means that you won’t be easily able to put a diesel nozzle in a petrol car. However, it’s easier to put a petrol nozzle in a diesel car. So, one can also use this as a means for differentiating between the two.

Size of Nozzle for Petrol

Corrective Measures

Mistakes happen and after they do one should focus on controlling damage rather than stressing out. Even if one does put the wrong fuel in the wrong car, one should not even think about starting it. With the help of some people the car should be pushed to some place where the mechanics can deal with it. Because if once the car is started and the wrong fuel circulates it becomes a pretty serious matter for the engine of the car.

Final Decision

The final decision of choosing a diesel or petrol car is subjective to say the least. This decision varies from car to car. For example, if you want high powered cars then one should go for diesel cars since they are mostly high powered. For relatively smaller cars petrol is used. Also, petrol is cheaper than diesel so this factor should also be accounted for. However, the final decision still varies from one person to the other depending on affordability and choice car rentals provides to the customer.