The Best Destinations for Couples in Dubai

Do you want to show your loved ones that you genuinely care for them? Then why not take them on a weekend getaway? Listed in this article are some of the most popular romantic locations within the Emirate. Not only are they peaceful and romantic, but these locations will also allow you to break away from the otherwise monotonous daily routines and rejuvenate yourself. If you are a couple that's been together for some time now, you'll find this list useful to rekindle the spark in your journey. Most of these locations will require a mode of transport of your own, so talk to a car for rent in Dubai company before planning your special day.

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Pierchic Restaurant

It is an exclusive seafood restaurant, which is hugely popular among younger couples. Located in Jumeriah, Pierchic allows you to wine and dine in the backdrop of a sunset. The setting is genuinely romantic, and you can rest assured that your loved one is served with only delicious seafood. On a final note, it is the only restaurant in Dubai where you can get authentic British fish and chips at a very reasonable price.

Abu Dhabi Saadiyat Island

Resting 500 meters off the coast of Abu Dhabi, Saadiyat Island is a tourist-hotspot that is an absolute favorite among couples. Embedded with an equal mix of recreational and leisure activities, there is plenty to see and even more to do once you are here. The Saadiyat Public Beach, in particular, is well-managed and allows you to indulge in numerous adventurous activities such as kayaking. The beach is clean and beautifully maintained, so you’ll love to take a peaceful stroll along the beach.

Al Maha Desert Resort

For couples who don’t feel like taking part in the regular dine and wine ritual, this is a place designed especially for them. Al Maha features ultra-modern and romantic dining set up in the heart of the Arabian desert. As soon as you arrive at the facility, you can begin the evening by relishing a 6-course dinner before a trip to the Desert Conservation Reserve. If you have time, you can enjoy live cultural performances and even indulge in smoking a shisha. It is arguably the best choice to enjoy a wedding anniversary.

Bateaux Dubai Cruise

Bateaux Dubai Cruise

If you are in Dubai and planning to take your better half on a yacht cruise, don’t think further than the Bateaux Dubai Cruise. Bateaux offers you a chance to relax and enjoy an intriguing journey. The adventure gives you a lifetime to cruise under floating bridges, which make you immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience. Also, you get a lifetime site of glittering Dubai’s skyline as you enjoy the cruise.