Samsung Galaxy Core Prime

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Beware! For some motivation, which Samsung is not alone in heeding, the Galaxy Core camera default tunes to 3.9-megapixels out of the box, rather than the full-strength 5-megapixel. This does change the aspect ratio from 3:5 for the 3.9-megapixels and 4:3 (which is now typical) for the maximum resolution. If you aren't paying attention, you'll wind up taking a lot of lower-res photos that don't come across as nice or detailed as all of your friends'.

Calibrated at the height of its capacity, the Core Prime's camera captures brightly colored outdoor photos that contrast with its rather bloodless images in low-light situations. Here's the age-old question: do you take indoor photos with flash or without?

Flash produces a bright light that makes everything a little brighter and clearer, but it's also fake as sin. Flash-free shots require you to let go of perfection in exchange for authenticity, but you also have to willingly stomach a fair amount of graininess and indistinction. Here, you'll be asking for second helpings of both

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