There are many reasons for people buying digital projectors,one of the main is for the cost per image area. The benefits to buying a projector is the vast image size, however the are some limitations which effect the quality of image. The main things to compare are the resolution, brightness, and contrast ratio. There are many different types of projectors available and finding the best one to suit you is not always easy.

* The different types of projectors include:

* Home Theatre/ Cinema Projectors

* LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Projectors

* Digital Projectors

* Conference Room Projectors

* Portable Multimedia Projectors

Home Theater/Cinema Projectors provide home entertainment,they can be used for many purposes, including playing movies, DVDs, music, video games as well as much more. They usually use DLP (Digital Light Processing) to create a smooth high video performance, with little pixelation and high contrast ratios.

LCD Projectors provide clearer, sharper images than most of their counterparts, they create images by shining light through three small LCD panels which are very vibrant and sharp in colour. LCD projectors can be used to for movies at home as well as for presentations. Ideally they need to be used in dimly light rooms to produce quality images.

Digital Projectors allow the user to use video files on their PC and makes internet viewing very effective. There are two types of projectors to choose from, DLP and LCD. When buying digital projectors one important factor to look for is the amount of lumens. This is the quantityof different aspects of light that are available at one time.

Conference Room Projectors are mainly used to give presentations and reports in conference rooms mostly. They are used where high resolution graphics are necessary. Ideal for medical presentations or with high detailed artwork.

Portable Multimedia Projectors are very light for ease of portability. These types of projectors are able to produce noise-free presentations with fairly accurate images.

When buying digital projectors the main keypoints to focus on are:

-Resolution- refers to the pixel density of the projected images, Projectors have two resolutions, the natural resolution and the maximum resolution. The natural resolution is the standard pixel size of the image. The maximum resolution is the maximum capability of the projector. Digital projectors should be able to accept resolutions of 800×600, 1024×768 or 1280×1024, however it is the natural resolution of the projector that is important. The higher the natural resolution of the projector the greater the colour density image

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 BenQ MS504 SVGA DLP Projector
Display System DLP Native Resolution SVGA - ..
AED 1,299.00
Ex Tax: AED 1,299.00
BenQ Portable DLP Projector - MS521
BenQ Portable DLP Projector - MS521 Features: World-Leading SmartEco Technol..
AED 1,489.00
Ex Tax: AED 1,489.00
BenQ SmartEco DLP Projector MS517 (Black)
Specification of BenQ SmartEco DLP Projector MS517 (Black) Featuring a brightness of 28..
AED 1,369.00
Ex Tax: AED 1,369.00
AED 1,479.00
Ex Tax: AED 1,479.00