A Guide to Electric Water Heaters In Dubai

Electric water heaters have been on the market for a very long time but over the years they have improved slightly. They are not the cheapest form of sustainable energy by can be customized to reduce energy consumption and save you money on your electricity bill. Atlantic water heaters come in a wide variety of shapes and designs that are functional as well as decretive. The newest ones available come standard with smart technology that monitors your energy usage and then automatically sets the water heater to your optimal personal settings to save energy.

Save Energy by Using the O’PRO +

The O’Pro + was designed to be so user-friendly that even a child would be able to operate it. The system learns your needs and desires then automatically adjusts to keep you comfortable and happy while using less energy and reducing your electricity bill. The unit saves even more energy by using a high-density insulation system that is CFC-free.

Electric Water Heater Dubai

Atlantic Ego System

The Atlantic Ego system comes in 5 different sizes to meet the needs of any sized family. It is the best electric water heater Dubai has ever seen. The pilot light that is built into the unit and the thermometer allows you to see how your water heater is operating at a glance. The tank is reinforced with magnesium anode that helps protect the tank and prevent cracks.

The E-series

The E-series is a great option to consider when you are looking for a water heater as it is very efficient and was designed to fit into your home perfectly wherever you would like it to be installed. This series was designed to look like an art installation that would look great in any home. It uses a knob on the unit to control the temperature and ensure good air quality and long-term durability.

Electric Water Heater UAE

800-Watt O’pro Classic

If you are looking for a low power heating solution the 800W O’pro classic could be the way to go. This unit was designed to save as much energy as possible and does this by using less energy to heat the water. The water heater tank is sure to last a long time as it is reinforced to help prevent cracking and no corrode as quickly.

O’pro 1200W

The O’pro 1200W is the perfect solution when you are looking for an eco-friendly water heating solution as it only uses a 1.2kw heating element. The system is easy to use. The unit is treated with diamond quality enamel that helps to prevent corrosion and last longer than those that have not been treated. The CFC-free insulation foam doesn’t emit any greenhouse gases and it was formulated to save energy. Visit our website to find great deals on these products.