Understanding the Different Types of AC Maintenance Packages

In summer temperatures in the UAE can soar to over 50 degrees Celsius. With such conditions owning an AC is not a privilege for luxury but a mandatory requirement to an average home. However, getting an AC installed in your home is not enough, you need to schedule regular routine maintenance. Why is AC maintenance important? Well, there are lots of benefits that come with an efficient AC unit including improved lifespan, low energy consumption, quality air and adequate consumption of energy and consequently low power bills. Let us have a look at the different maintenance packages that one can schedule.

Annual Maintenance in Dubai

One Time AC Maintenance

This may not be the ideal package for a serious homeowner who cares about the efficiency of their ac maintenance. It’s like waiting for the disaster to happen then you start looking for an ac technician to come and fix it and that’s it, you wait for another breakdown. It’s a one-time ac maintenance thing. A good technician would advise against such measures as they are costly in the long run and you have to replace your entire unit as often than expected due to poor maintenance levels.

Quarterly or Monthly Maintenance

For instance, cleaning the filters to your ac is required to be done monthly. Getting a subscription from a well-established ac maintenance and repairs company will mean that your ac unit will always be providing clean air to your home since the filters will always be regularly cleaned out and won’t be characterized by clogging due to dust particles. If you’re ac doesn't get clogged that often, then you can choose a quarterly maintenance package. For more information, you can visit our website.

Annual Maintenance in UAE

Annual Maintenance

For the average homeowner in the UAE, where temperatures soar above 50 degrees Celsius, the AC unit should not be neglected. We recommend getting an annual maintenance in Dubai from a renowned company such as Awal Experts. The inspections are beneficial in improving energy efficiency, saving you money on utility bills of up to 15 percent. An annual inspection by a certified HVAC engineer, helps in preventing an unexpected breakdown as well as ensures longevity of the air conditioner.