Is Shisha a Safer Alternative to Tobacco Cigarettes

Smoking in all formats is an act that is frowned upon today. But experimentation with addiction is a common human trait since the days of Adam. But with health consciousness on the rise comes the poser: which is a lesser evil – smoking Shisha or Cigarette.

Shisha in Dubai

There is no conclusive reply yet. Offering Hookah, for example, is a matter of traditional Hospitality for Arabs in places like Dubai. However, the local Municipality has banned smoking Shisha in public places. Pregnant women are forbidden from entering Hookah bars. Why? Ostensibly all due to health reasons!

Is it Healthier?

If not Healthier straightaway, Shisha provides you with the option to remain better-off. When you smoke a Cigarette, in most cases the smoke gets inhaled to the lung. And along with it enters all harmful chemicals into the Body.

But the process in Shisha provides the option of not inhaling. By not choosing to inhale, you can play with the smoke making different shapes and sizes of Smoke Rings. That’s fun, isn’t it? That is also a healthier way of enjoying Shisha – right?

For a Cigarette again, the filtration of toxic chemicals happens through the poor quality acetate fibres that work as Filters at one end. That compromises your health, right?

As against the above, the superior water filtration process of the Shisha is likely to deliver a more healthy puff!!

There you are, with a definitely more healthy Shisha option!

Is it Addictive?

This may sound a trifle too simplistic. Nicotine is present in both cases, where is the option of one being better off? Not really, till you use the Heaven Leaf Tobacco. This is a Nicotine free option.

So you get yet another healthier option where Shisha scores over Cigarette, right?

Shisha in UAE

And there is still better news on this. Numerous online options for Shisha are available in the UAE. However, for the best price shisha in Dubai, shop only with a reputed retailer.

Is Shisha more Sociable than Cigarette?

Well, it does seem so these days. Cigarette smoking has been getting a lot of negative publicity. At the same time, Social Media Marketing has projected Shisha to be the cool thing for conscious consumers. The pleasant smell of flavoured tobacco makes it more socially acceptable. And the endorsements that it is getting from the Socialites are surely going to help its cause in the future.