Comparison: Surgical Facelift vs Non-Surgical Facelift

Cosmetic surgery has always seemed to be a taboo topic, not frequently talked about and mostly frowned upon. It is with great pleasure to note that the times have changed, and people have accepted the fact that cosmetic surgeries are famous for more reasons than someone being vain. The individuals who prefer a surgical facelift are more often than not scrutinized for changing their bodies, yet we have to come to the realization that they are simply choosing the faster route. The individuals who prefer non-surgical facelifts are either very health conscious, afraid of anaesthetics or have been maintaining their skin and prefer doing so instead of going under the knife. Whatever the case may be, we will look at the different reasons a face mask in Dubai can be done through small procedures.

Surgical facelift

Cosmetic surgery is regarded as a drastic way to improve one’s physical features. It is also one of the few ways to ensure that the money spent has a lasting result. Non-surgical procedures have been successful in various parts of the face, yet there are a couple of areas that can’t be treated this way. A surgical facelift can target areas like the neck, the jawline and the cheeks. It is the only way to remove sagging skin in these areas and to guarantee a lasting effect. A surgical facelift will also guarantee a youthful appearance because you will be able to shed a lot more years in comparison to non-surgical ways.

Face Mask in Dubai

Non-surgical facelifts

Choosing the non-surgical route is in most cases the better option if you have never had any type of cosmetic procedure done. Thought the effects are not permanent and may need to be maintained every six to twelve months, at least they wear off if you are not satisfied with the result. Non-surgical facelifts can be anything from injecting Botox, dermal fillers or your own fat. All of these injections are non-surgical and can help the skin to look youthful and rejuvenated.

Which one is best?

This may sound ill-informed but the best way to determine what’s best for you is to decide for yourself. Surgical and non-surgical facelifts are both great ways to improve a person’s appearance, yet the amount of work needed may guide you in the right direction. Your age and physical appearance will help you to determine which route is better for you. It would be advisable to consult either a medical doctor or a plastic surgeon before making any final decisions.