Samsung Printer

Samsung Printer

Samsung is a renowned South Korean Company in operation since 1938. Besides other electronic products, Samsung is well established in printers and printer accessories manufacture. In and around 2000, Samsung Electronics entered into the printing industry and though they have not made any ground-breaking developments or research in this industry, yet they have gained the trust and confidence of the consumers. Samsung printers provide excellent quality and high page yield per cartridge at competitive prices. The variety of features and facilities provided by Samsung and its toner cartridges has won the vote of trust of the consumers worldwide.

1)    Special Security Labels: The special colour changing security label on the cartridge helps ensure the originality and authenticity of the product.

2)    Standardised Products: Samsung Toner Cartridges are built according to the ISO standards giving the consumer surety on quality, productivity and reliability of the cartridge.

3)    Genuine Quality: Following the proper standards and meeting the general requirements ensures that the printing quality from Samsung Toner is of the highest order.

 Easy Toner Replacement and Change: Quick availability of the cartridge and proper design of the cartridge and its holder enables one to change it easily.

5)    Toner Design: Samsung toner cartridges are some of the smallest and lightest in their class.

Distinctive features of Samsung Printers:

1)    Innovative Instant Fusing Technology (IFS): The IFS helps Samsung printer print faster than others, maintain high quality and at the same time reduce power  consumption.

2)    TonerSave Option: Many of the Samsung printers come with the TonerSave option that allows the printer to use up to 40% less ink with slight difference in quality.

3)    Energy Efficient: They have been given Energy Star ratings to ensure power efficiency and energy saving.

4)    Online Services: Samsung SyncThru Web Services helps you online in trouble-shooting your equipment as well as with other needs and requirements such as conformity to the originality of the products.

5)    NO NOIS TM: The specific and detailed design of Samsung printers allows for quiet, vibration free printing, so that you can concentrate on other work at hand.

6)    Monitoring System: The unique Samsung Toner monitoring system helps notify the consumer when the toner is running low on ink. 

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