Compaq Laptops

Compaq Laptops

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Compaq laptops are among the best laptops available. A leading company, Compaq is known for producing best laptops in the world. Compaq laptops are designed with cutting edge technology, the most innovative designs and the most competitive prices. Though several competitive brands are providing good options for laptops, still Compaq is trusted for its quality and technology. You can also find various versions of Compaq laptops on sale.

There are various models of Compaq laptops which are designed for different classes of users and cater to different budgets. There are laptops from Compaq which are designed for serious business users, office workers, and IT professionals, home users, for gaming and entertainment and more. Before choosing a right Compaq laptop model, you need to identify your requirements and expectations.

Some of the laptop models produced by Compaq are Compaq Evo, Compaq NC, Compaq Presario, and Compaq Armada. Compaq Evo is developed by the collaboration of Compaq and HP, after their merger in 2002. It is dual-pointing device having a touchpad and a pointer-stick, Touchpad and point stick both are very convenient to use.

Similarly Compaq NC is offered by HP and Compaq both. It is a well designed laptop having Intel Pentium-M Centrino Processor, a large hard drive, a smart 14.1" screen and more. It weighs just 2.13 kg making it easily portable. It allows you to work at faster wireless speed.

Compaq Presario is the most popular notebook series from Compaq. It is designed for all classes of users. It is powered by the 2.8 GHz Intel Pentium 4 processors and 60 GB hard drive. It comes with 512 MB RAM for storing files and running several applications at the same time. You can take the advantage of DVD/CD-W combo drive on this laptop. It allows you to backup files on CDs, accessing CD or DVD-ROMs or watch DVD movies. Watching moving at it 15.0 inch LCD is a different experience altogether.

Compaq Presario CQ60 series notebook computer is among the popular laptops all over the world. It is designed with great features like 15.6 inch high resolution LCD screen, outstanding speakers, touchpad and more. This laptop is one of the well designed laptops. You can enjoy watching movies and photos at its high resolution display screen. To take care of all your multimedia needs, there are built-in ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9000 IGP graphics card and integrated JBL Pro Performance speakers.

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