Apple MacBook Pro With Retina Display ME865 Laptop

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Brand Apple
Item Weight 1.6 Kg
Product Dimensions 21.9 x 31.4 x 1.8 cm
Item model number ME865B/A
Series Macbook PRO ME865
Form Factor Portable
Screen Size 13.3 inches
Processor Brand Intel
Processor Type Intel Core i5
Processor Speed 2.4 GHz
Processor Count 2
RAM Size 8 GB
Computer Memory Type DDR3 SDRAM
Hard Drive Size 256 GB
Graphics Card Description Intel Iris Pro Graphics
Wireless Type 802.11A, 802.11B, 802.11G, 802.11n
Operating System Mac OS X







Recently the MacBook Pro 13in retina display was launched. It has been one of the most awaited product launched by Apple. However, there are many who are in a fix over making a transition from the standard version to the Retina display. The question is are you ready for this upgraded model added to the line of MacBook Pro series. Another point of concern is whether 13in Retina MacBook is better than 13in MacBook Pro. Let us find out what sets them apart and how one is better than another.

The Physical Aspect

When we start comparing the two MacBook pros one with Retina display other just a 13in screen Pro there are visible differences. These differences are easy to sight in one glance. Let us begin by comparing the weight and the size of these two.

The Retina display is undoubtedly the best that is launched in the Pro series. Weighing at 1.62 kg this device is relatively thinner and lighter than its predecessor about 440 grams lighter comparatively. Additionally, the size too is smaller 0.75 x 12.35 x 8.62in it is relatively smaller than the 13in MacBook Pro that is 0.95 x 12.78 x 8.94in in dimension. This makes the former thinner by 20%. This means that Retina display is thinner, stylish, smaller and lighter in weight. It is better in every physical aspect.

Screen Display

If we measure the screens of both the laptops then both measures just about 13.3 inches, the diagonal measurement. Nonetheless, the pixel pitch of the Retina Display is much better and lifelike as compared to the other version. Comparing the two together, we get 2,560 x 1,600 (4,096,000 pixels) for Retina Display which is quite impressive against the pixels of 13 inch that is 1,280 x 800. This clearly indicates that the difference in the pixels is that of 4times in number. This is quite a huge difference with relation to the latest technology of Retina Display.

Now we can easily say that the pixel density is double at 227PPI as compared to the other that stands at 113PPI. Other things that affect the screen display includes the contrast ratio, which is 29% higher in the Retina Display, additionally it has a reduced reflection with that of 75%. This makes the content display much attractive to look at sans any reflection trouble and is soft to the eye.


The standard version of MacBook Pro has a Thunderbolt port while the enhanced version has 2 ports. The Retina includes a Mini DisplayPort and an HDMI port for media. Nevertheless, the thing to notice is that there are no other extensions. The new model does not contain Ethernet port or FireWire. This might be disappointing for those who are looking for a device that will enable in Wi-Fi connectivity or ripping off data from CD or DVD or including a video from a camera that is equipped with FireWire. However, if we look at the decreasing popularity for FireWire then not including this capacity in the new Retina Display will not make much of a difference for a technology consumer.

Storage Capacity

The most delightful aspect of the Retina Display is increased storage capacity. The memory capacity is increased or rather upgraded to 768GB (Flash Storage) as compared to the earlier 512GB. This improvement will have a significant effect on the performance of the device making it relatively quick. However, if you are really looking forward to enhance the memory capacity you will have to additionally shell out the amount of $1693. Additionally an option of upgrading your 4GB RAM to 8GB will cost you $128 if you are planning to stick with the older version, the new Retina Display comes with 8GB RAM.

Price Factor

When it comes to the factor of pricing the Retina Display comes with the hefty price tag of $2328 as compared to the standard model that is available in $1611. Looking at the price range of both these products one may consider buying the standard version. However, when it comes to a product that is capable of delivering excellent screen display then there is no compromise. Nonetheless, for some the extra $725 might be something to consider.


In conclusion to all the above you can easily make out a visible difference between the two models. A technology geek who is more inclined towards a better or to say impressive screen display, sleek and trendy looks will definitely choose to go with Retina Display. However for those who are a bit more inclined towards getting the best deal out of a pocket friendly budget might go for the standard version. Another thing to notice is the optical drive in the standard version. Whatever you choose to purchase the discretion if entirely yours.


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