How to Avoid Traffic Fines When Driving a Rental in Dubai

If you break the law, then you either get fined on the spot or are taken to court for further action. That is also the case when it comes to driving in the Dubai roads. It does not make a difference whether the car is a rental or whether you own it. A rental company will take responsibility for car malfunctions and all other things about their car except fines on the driver. That is why it is particularly important for anyone who wants to drive through the Dubai streets to know about the fines and penalties that you may be liable for. You need to realize that Dubai is full of people from different parts of the world who are used to a certain way of driving. But in Dubai, you have to drive on the right-hand side. Here are some traffic offenses and the fines they attract.

What are the More Serious Traffic Offenses

When driving in Dubai, every offense you commit gets you points referred to as black points. The more serious the offense is, the more black points you get. If they get to 24, you are banned from driving anywhere in Dubai for a whole year. An offense that guarantees you the maximum punishment, 24 black points and your car being impounded for a while, is drunk driving. So in as much as you want to party in Dubai, do not drive your vehicle while intoxicated. In addition to this, you may be locked up for the night. In some instances, you may be arraigned in court. If your car has no number plate, you are automatically given 24 black points, and the vehicle is impounded for two months.

Speedy Drive in Dubai

If you hit a person with your vehicle and flee the scene, then you will be arraigned in court. Same applies if you cause death to a person by running them over with your car. Also, if you drive past a red traffic light, you earn yourself some black points and pay a fine. Your vehicle is then impounded for over two weeks.

All Offenses That Will Result in a Traffic Fine

If you are found driving recklessly, you will be in trouble. For a reckless driver, you are eligible for 12 black points. In addition to that, a fine of 2000 AED will be paid by you. And it doesn’t end there. You will also have to part with your car for 30 days. If you are found over speeding, you will be fined 1000 AED. An additional 12 black points will be given to you and your car impounded for 30 days.

It is important to know that these fines not only apply to foreign citizens. Even a non-resident will be liable to pay these fines and may be subjected to the court process in Dubai. So, if you are going to rent a car, make sure you adhere to all the traffic rules that are found there. Rental companies like Speedy Drive in Dubai will make it easy for you by providing you with the guidelines on how to use the Dubai roads.