Tango: the Classic Latin Dance Form

Tango is basically a very heated and sensuous dance form that shows aggressive desire and is set to high tempo music. Traditional tango styles greatly impacted the ways in which we dance today. The Tango was introduced to the world by the Spanish settlers. Apart from having a rich cultural history, it has many benefits towards your physical health and always keeps you on your toes, enhances your fitness level. Read on to know more about how Tango Dance Lessons benefit you to have a better lifestyle.

Tango Dance Lessons

Benefits of Tango Dance Lessons

It adds the extra edge to your personality by reducing your stress and anxiety level and helps you to have one enriched social circle. Doesn’t it sound exciting and make you curious to more? I know it sure does and is definitely worth knowing more. Then join hands and explore Tango. To be a part of this increasing popularity of Tango in Dubai, visit here to know more about the exciting offers on joining the Tango Dance Lessons. If it is still not convincing enough, read on to clear your doubts.

Stay physically and mentally young with Tango - During a dance, your breathing rate increases the act like one cardio zone, which basically benefits you in a similar way had you been swimming, cycling or just running on a treadmill in the gym during a hard-core cardio session. When you engage a particular muscle more and put pressure on it while dancing which gives you the required balance, this process enhances your muscle strength and gains you flexibility.

Tango keeps you away from the Doctors - As Tango reduces the stress and anxiety level, it improves your Cardiac health and maintains lower blood pressure and balanced cholesterol level. Parkinson patients respond more positive to Tango than standard physiotherapy. It has also been recognized as one of the most useful therapies to treat stress, anxiety, depression, social phobia and etc.

Tango makes you sharper - Tango is purely based on the music and the beats, as it is a couple of dance, one has to be very attentive towards what the partner is telling to maintain the coordination and also it is never choreographed and does not have any set movements, this entire process involves many instant decisions making which results in developing your muscle memory and activates your thinking capability and makes you sharper.

Tango Dance Lessons


Tango has gained much popularity in recent years and is seen in various movies. There are many movies made which are basically Tango-centric, such as Scent of a woman, Take the lead, True lies, shall we dance and Frida. One, who excels Tango, has many scopes and opportunities coming their way in the future. So, what are you waiting for? Put your dancing shoes on and get tangled. Visit here to explore the training happening all over Dubai and choose the best fit for yourselves.