Why My Dubai Safari is Better than Yours

The desert is one of the locations where thrill seekers go to experience the off-road experience in Dubai. This makes it an ideal destination for our Dubai 4x4 safari. Just take a moment to imagine yourself riding in a luxurious SUV. Imagine its windows rolled down and a refreshing breeze seeping in. Imagine the roaring engine and sound of tires grinding against the sand. Imagine the golden dunes meeting the sky on the distant horizon. Imagine beholding such beauty! You are missing out if you haven’t taken our Dubai 4x4 safari. Now onto Alooha’s Dubai 4x4 safari packages.

Dubai 4x4 Safari

Dune Rides

There are many words you can use to describe dune bashing and boring isn’t one of them. With the Arabian Desert being home to some of the most magnificent dunes, you are sure to enjoy your ride. To some extent, it will feel like you are on a roller coaster. You will notice the driver reduce tire pressure. This is usually to strengthen the car’s grip on the sand. Our dune rides are not just about adventure. The safety of our guests is also top of our priorities. For starters, our drivers’ skills are unmatched. They are competent not only in navigating desert land but also in providing information on various attractions. Not only that, they are friendly and will engage you in conversation throughout the tour. Do not shy away from asking them to help take photos once you make that stop. They are familiar with the desert and know the best spots for pictures.

We provide our Dubai 4x4 safari in Toyota Land Cruisers. Even so, Hummers are provided upon request. Keep in mind that we don’t approve of dune crashing for the children below three years, the elderly, expectant mothers, and those who are unwell. Our Dubai 4x4 safari provides for pick-ups and drop-offs at the place where you’re residing. In case you’re wondering, these transfers are also done in 4WDs. They are timely and cover every area in Dubai. An important thing to note before a dune bash is to go easy on the food. Heavy eating might lead to complications during the tour. We, however, give water to all our guests taking different safaris. Additionally, you get to eat to your fill once you arrive at the camp.

4x4 Desert Safari Dubai

Land Cruiser Rentals

What good is a Dubai 4x4 safari provider if their deals do not provide for vehicle rentals? Whether you want to go for a road trip or want to show up in style for that VIP function, we got your back. Our cars are clean and well-maintained. As such, you don’t have to worry about them breaking down in the middle of the road, or worse still in the nothingness of the desert. Also, they are insured and come with a seasoned driver. The cherry on top is that they are affordable. Imagine all this for AED 450. And you hire the vehicle for an entire 6 hours.

Take our Dubai 4x4 safari as soon as possible. You won’t be disappointed. If anything, you will keep coming back for more.