How to Choose a Toothbrush Perfect for Your Teeth

Some of the things you take for granted in life has a significant effect on your life. One of such things you are likely to treat casually is the choice of your toothbrush. For most people, all they do is to go into a store and request for any toothbrush; this habit is not good enough. The health of your teeth is affected by the type of toothbrush you use. It is also important to note that it is not every toothbrush that is suitable for your teeth. The cost of a toothbrush does not also determine its suitability. Below are helpful tips that will keep you away from an orthodontist Dubai:

Orthodontist Dubai

Size Matters

The size of your toothbrush is important. A toothbrush whose size is good enough will offer you easy access to every surface of your teeth. As an adult, a toothbrush whose head is one inch in height with a half inch width is good for you. Any brush whose size is different from this is not good for you because you will not be able to manoeuvre through the surface of your teeth effectively. You will struggle with areas that are difficult to reach with such toothbrushes. Difficult to reach areas in the mouth include the backs and sides of your molars.

Go for a Toothbrush with a Soft Bristle

The type of bristles on your toothbrush also matters. Toothbrushes whose bristles are medium or hard are not good for you as it has a negative impact on your gums. If you prefer to brush with great intensity, a toothbrush with hard bristles will harm your gum. A toothbrush with soft bristles is effective in cleaning your teeth and is also gums friendly. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles to maintain the health of your teeth.

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Talk to an Orthodontist

There are many dentists in Dubai who specialize in helping you have nice teeth alignment called ‘orthodontists’. A typical orthodontist will examine your teeth and recommend a toothbrush to maintain the health of your teeth. The implication of healthy teeth is that you will be able to maintain a confident smile publicly because of your strong and sparkling white teeth. In case you don’t want to visit a dentist because of your budget, you can also pick a powered or manual toothbrush that has the necessary medical accreditations.