How to Select a Yacht for your Trip in Dubai

To make an unforgettable trip in the remarkable city of dreams Dubai, cruising is one of the must-do experience for life. The feel of the great moments and relaxing time out on the water with a loved one or either alone is a great opportunity for life. 

For the cruising purpose of hiring a yacht is the best. The yacht is most suitable for celebrating on any occasion in the skyscrapers city of Dubai. When you are in search of a yacht for rent in Dubai, there are few things which come to your mind.

  1. First, your purpose to hire a yacht It can be party celebration or family tour. The more people with you, you have to rent a larger yacht.
  2. If you are going to propose your beloved for marriage then decoration and romantic lights at night matters on the yacht.
  3. Or if there is a professional meeting is going to hold there then a full room of facilities is required there with large sitting space.

Need can be of any type; Yacht allows you to capture all beautiful moments of the cruise with water alongside. This is one of the highly facilitated services in Dubai which attracts tourists from the world here.

How to hire Yacht in Dubai?

By reaching there in the Dubai which is one of the seven emirates of United Arab Emirates, One can easily hire a Yacht with many online yachts facility providing companies. Some of the famous names of the yacht providing companies are Yacht Rental Dubai, Deep Sea Dubai, Xclusive Yachts, Seven Yachts and Marine Charter Concepts, etc. these companies provide yacht for leisure purposes. Go with that company which fits your budget and suits you.

Must Know Points before Hiring a yacht in Dubai

  • There are many variants of yachts are available online to hire for cruising. It depends on the requirement of the consumer that which type of Yacht he/she wants to hire.
  • Yacht facility providing companies gives yachts on rent by no. of persons and date & time of the trip.
  • Length of a yacht normally ranges between 10 meters (33 feet) and to 30 meters (approx. 100 feet)
  • If you are about 8-9 person, then 37 feet yacht is good enough.
  • This 37 feet yacht can accommodate up to ten persons.
  • It can be AED 1000/- per hour. Rate per hour varies with the facility and luxury provided with the yachts. *AED=Currency of UAE
  • If you are hiring a yacht, then you have to get hired it minimum for 2 hours for cruising

Facilities provided at the yacht

  1. Friendly and expert captain and crew
  2. If you pre-request fishing equipment then it will provide there to you on the yacht.
  3. Tea, coffee, water, and soft drinks, etc. on the board
  4. HD (High- Definition) music system, DVD player on board.
  5. Navigation system