The manual folder furnished the UPS contain a couple of general tips and different tips that ar UPS specific. the overall tips cowl sure points like; (a) Placement of the UPS.—The UPS must always be placed solely within the upright position. There ar 2 forms of UPS, the tower kind and therefore the standard rack kind. For each these UPS the upright position has been indicated on the UPS or within the operational manual or instruction folder. Placement of the UPS additionally covers locating the UPS. – The UPS shouldn't be unbroken in a vicinity wherever there's high humidness, or exposure to wet, or in direct daylight. (b) Covering the UPS.—The UPS shouldn't be coated or unbroken in an internal space. There ar sure places within the UPS that ar either designed as cooling holes or heat dissipating vanes. These ar meant for dissipating heat or cooling of the UPS. therefore it's all the additional vital that the UPS shouldn't be coated in such places. (c) operational load.—The UPS has been designed for a precise operational load like either 600 VA or 1KV UPS. it's wise to not use / connect masses that ar over the desired rating on thereto UPS. could|this might|this could} result in short circuiting or the UPS may trip if it's been given a breaker.

A very common general instruction that's given in the majority the booklets of UPS makers is “Do not install in an exceedingly thunderstorm”. The UPS is meant for indoor use solely. Use it solely to attach instrumentality that it's designed not high capability motors or different instrumentality.

Certain UPS ar given extra sockets, that don't offer out backup power however give surge protection. These ar specifically marked on the UPS. thus once connecting main instrumentality just like the mainframe power, check that that you simply connect the road of the {cpu|central processing unit|CPU|C.P.U.|central processor|processor|mainframe|electronic instrumentality|hardware|computer hardware} to the backup power and different non vital equipment to the surge protection line that don't need duplicate power however at a similar time it'll be needing surge protection.

The battery that's situated within the UPS is of the upkeep free type; this it means there's no necessity for periodical union of the battery. IF you happen to expertise battery failure, you're left with no different apart from replacement the battery. Replacement of the battery must be done by a certified technician solely. There aren't any spares that ar provided within the UPS that necessitate you to get rid of the rear cowl or dismantle the UPS.
When gap the rear cowl of the UPS for union or different specific operations like fault designation, disconnect the UPS from the most lines when switch off the UPS. don't wear rings, or handle different bronze objects in your hands once gap the rear cowl.

A new UPS ought to be charged for a minimum of twenty four hours or as expressed within the operational booklet before place to operational use. don't keep the UPS in an exceedingly discharged state for long periods of your time.

Following these tips ensures an extended life and safe life for you and you’re UPS as you employ it.

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