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open the files saved on a flash drive or memory card, even though you'll see the file names in windows explorer? Windows would tell you that the files were corrupt and refuse to load them. This issue isn't strange as a result of the flash chip put in within your USB flash stick has its life cycle. for instance, a care flash chip will solely be written concerning five hundred - one,000 times before it goes dangerous. A MLC flash chip will last longer, around 10,000 write times. once the flash chip begins to travel dangerous, it generates some unstable memory blocks referred to as dangerous blocks, and your files can corrupt if they use the dangerous blocks on the flash chip

You can't tell whether or not your flash chip continues to be in shape or not! lets say the subsequent cases:

You saved lots of vital files on that. Few days later, you found the files couldn't be opened, whereas you did not have any computer file. may you tell ME your feeling?
You derived some business files to your flash drive, then went out for a presentation together with your shoppers. sadly, you found the files were corrupt and you may not continue your presentation. What may you do?
you discover some dangerous blocks on your flash drives, ar you aiming to trash them? it'll be an enormous waste since they're not low-cost, and variety of excellent blocks ar still on the market on them.

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